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Mosaik Kollektion Luxus Mosaik Schwimmbad und Spa Mosaik MOSAIC BOUTIQUE
If you run your own construction shop, architectural firm or you are interested in buying wholesale mosaic tiles, we have a special offer for you.

For years, we have been cooperating with tiles, architects as well as owners of bathroom salons and construction shops from all over Europe.

Up to 20% commission on the order amount is granted to architects who choose our Glass Mosaic Tiles from our offer.
We give you up to 20% commission for our mosaic tiles. For your investors only, we grant permanent commissions.

Construction shops and bathroom salons can receive:

•    special wholesale prices
•    logistical solutions – delivery two days after placing the order
•    displays
•    contact 24/7

Companies whose main scope of activities is swimming pools’  construction, design and preparation as well as sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and spa building are encouraged to cooperate with us.

Our offer includes:

swimming pool mosaic tiles – for the finishing of swimming pools
high temperature resistant mosaic tiles suitable for sauna and steam rooms

Our mosaic tiles make you more competitive. The price of swimming pool or sauna construction is lower than your rivals can offer!!!

Mosaic tiles have been given the Certification of Hygiene.

Our mosaic tiles stand out with the lowest price in Poland. You can increase your commission by purchasing from us and selling to your customers.
User-friendly and high-quality mosaic tiles make our customers satisfied.

Our New Collection features the most popular colours of this season.
As mosaic tiles are always in stock, delivery period doesn’t exceed two days.
We also deliver door-to-door to your customers.

We will be glad to establish cooperation with intermediaries.
If you have an offer of easy terms, please contact us.
Each of them will be considered carefully.

Would you like to cooperate with us?
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Über uns
DIE MOSAIK PRIMAVERA wird schon seit 9 Jahren verkauft und charakterisiert sich durch die Genauigkeit seiner Ausführung und bestätigt die große Kreativität des Projektanten beim Schaffen der Mosaik. Unser Angebot charakterisiert sich durch das schöne italienische Design , das jedem Innenraum ,jeder Küche , jedem Bad ,Schwimmbad und jeder Sauna und SPA Glanz verleiht. Wir haben im Angebot eine breite Palette der Mosaiken - Gleitschutzmosaiken. Die Sammlung der Mosaiken von PRIMAVERA ist eine Eleganz , Luxus, Prunk und Sinnlichkeit in Deinem Haus...
tel. 0176/39018266



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